Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Sloth

Woke up this morning in tremendous pain. I guess getting older means I can injure myself even when I am asleep. Owwwwww. Lower back.

I am being a big baby about it, I admit it. It really hurts. The saving grace is that only the cat hears me whine. Wait. Is that a positive thing? I kept wishing I had a significant other to go buy me ibuprofen, because it hurts so much to drive, but I finally did it myself. Naturally, because it's spring, I had to scoop up the dead baby duckling on my steps. WHY do these keep showing up? If a friendly cat is the cause, please stop. I have a squeamish stomach and do not deal well with dead baby animals, maggots, and the like.

I am automatically opposed to any movie that is billed as a "feel-good" film. I just automatically feel I won't like it. Is it because I am stubborn, and when I see the phrase "feel-good comedy," I just decide I won't "feel good?" No, movie. No. There will be no "feeling good" because of your crappy little existence. No. Does this make me a pessimist? Does this just mean I have a bad attitude?

Riverfest is inconvenient. I don't want to go anywhere because of it. Not that I can, due to the parasites of pain in my lower back.

I haven't talked to anyone all day. Thus the incoherent blogging.

I am drinking soy milk, and I enjoy it.

I found a downtown loft for 850. One bedroom and 950 square feet, which is bigger than my current two bedroom. I am tempted. Wouldn't hurt to look. On the other hand, I am not such a social person, so why do I want to move downtown? Do I think that will MAKE me social? I think that I am under the very mistaken impression that it will make me cooler. Which it won't. Still. Tempted.

What a boring little entry. Summer is.....lonely. I like it, but.....yeah.

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  1. I, too, enjoy the soy milk. Sorry about your back. I have weird sciatic nerve issues with my back that render me completely unable to sleep, similar to restless leg syndrome but in my back. VERY annoying. But not quite pain...back pain is the worst. I miss you and we should get together soon. I have failed to plan adequately to pull together a retirement shin-dig for Phyllis this week, I'm afraid. Sigh.